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It usually takes just 5 minutes to report a claim online. If eligible, you can schedule a rental and repair immediately.

Track A Claim

GEICO Claims Express gives you fast, secure access to your auto, cycle or RV claim. You'll only need your name and claim number.

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What to do after...

Accidents and the claims process can be stressful. With GEICO, it doesn't have to be that way. Follow these guides to know what to do after these types of incidents.

Auto Repair Xpress® is convenient and simple.

Our fast and fair approach to auto repair is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

woman dropping off car at autobody shop

Drop Off

A Shop Representative will meet you at the repair shop.

man painting car


A Shop Representative will process your claim as your car is being repaired.

woman picking up car from shop

Pick Up

Fully repaired cars will be guaranteed and good to go.

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